Dr. Ava Ghasemi, 

Clinical Psychologist 

Counseling & Psychotherapy  


I am so glad you are visiting my website! If you are looking to get mental health support and you want to talk to a professional who could help you work through your concerns, you have come to the right place!
Like you, I'm a member of the human race who also happens to be a licensed clinical psychologist (registered in Ontario, Canada and Dubai, UAE). I will use my knowledge and research to help you through the stressful events in your life. 
You have an inner wisdom and innate ability to overcome difficult experiences in your life and I would be honored to support you through your journey. I am a true believer in the power of psychotherapy. I have done my own extensive psychotherapy work too and I only accept clients who I truly believe I can help.  

My Philosophy

I believe we are wired for healing and growth. Experiencing emotional turmoil and suffering is part of life, but as humans we develop behaviors, thoughts and relationships that could make us feel stuck, depressed, isolated, angry or anxious to name a few. 

Through psychotherapy we can identify patterns that are not so useful and develop new ones that help us feel calmer, more connected, and content. 

In a way, psychotherapy is a healing ritual that helps us move forward and grow. My approach is integrative and I draw from many research and evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, ego states, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am also qualified EMDR therapist. No one modality fits all clients. I use talk therapy, experiential practices during session and homework to help you change your long lasting deeply engrained beliefs and ways of coping that have not been working for you. 

What to expect

Each session is about 50 min long. 
In the initial session,  we will go through your background information so I can get to know you and you can get a sense of my approach. Then I will share my impressions with you. We will utilize up-to-date research and together we will decide the way forward. The frequency and length of counselling is completely up to you.
Please check directly with your insurance provider whether or not you have coverage for psychotherapy. If so, claim would be on a pay-and-claim basis.  My fee is 800 AED per 50 min session.